Roxanne’s Debutante Event ~ Friday, April 10th 6 to 9





Roxanne’s Debutante Event ~ During April’s Sugar House Art Walk (Friday, April 10th – 6pm to 9pm), Saltgrass Printmakers is hosting a ‘DIY’ event with our brand new press, Roxanne. Roxanne is SG’s rocking chair press that Nancy Boskoff donated to the press and Van Lewis converted into a printing press. Local artists (April Bolz, Bo Brady, Stefanie Dykes, Michael Gaffney, Pat Legant, Jared Nielsen, Kit Osborn, Karl Pace, Brian Taylor (Copper Palate Press); Karl Pace, Kit Osborn, Tia Sheppard) have each carved a block to be printed.

What do you need to do?

  • Show up at the press during SHAW ‘Sugar House Art Walk’ – the local gallery stroll between 6pm and 9pm.
  • Pick out a block. We will show you how to ink it up.
  • Then, you can sit down, relax, rock, and print a print to take home.
  • $10.00 donation to cover Roxanne’s construction and printing expenses 



Print Portfolios on Exhibition:

Every March, we attend the national print conference ~ Southern Graphics Council International. This year, we have three portfolios fresh from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s SGCI Print conference. Seriously! Saltgrass has an amazing set of prints with impressive conceptual themes on display.

Distortion celebrates our subjective view of the work and includes prints that require a unique vantage point. Organized by Wuon-Gean Ho and includes Edward Bateman and Erik Brunvand. The theme “Distortion” celebrates our subjective view of the world and calls for prints which require a unique vantage point, both physically as well as conceptually, in order to be read. This topic draws upon the tricks of perspective in Italian Renaissance ceilings and Dutch interiors, to the anamorphic work of Holbein and Escher, and 19C optical toys such as the magic mirror and praxinoscope. The act of human perception filters and alters vision though processes of synesthesia, color blindness, and hallucination. Technology both extends and distorts what we can see, through the use of infrared film and heat sensitive recording devices, X-Rays and other medical instrumentation, holograms, wide-angle lenses and prisms.

Expectation of Privacy organized by University of Utah’s very own professor of printmaking, Justin Diggle. We live in a world where our sense of privacy is being drastically changed if not irreversibly eroded. The exponential growth of communication technologies, digital storage, CCTV cameras, social media, and digital cameras, has made a dramatic and beneficial change to our lives, but at a cost. Cameras and phones have GPS tracking, as do many new cars. Stores can track customer habits, via a phone signal, as they browse and drones are now so small and cheap they can be used by private individuals, and as I recently read by paparazzi. Does our use of certain technologies influence what we do?

Vinyl organized by Anita Jung, University of Iowa. This portfolio project celebrates vinyl records. Knoxville is a great music city inside of a great music state, they even put musical instruments on their commemorative quarter. Records are flat spheres, sort of, that is at least how I arrived at this idea. This project leaves a lot to artistic interpretation regarding materials used as well as if the print is just a record or a record within an album; a round or square print.


Abe McCowan – My Foot is a Desert

‘Imposing scale and intrinsic nature’ Abe McCowan is Saltgrass Printmakers featured artist for March’s Sugar House Art Walk – Friday, March 13th, 6 pm to 9 pm.

My Foot is a Desert

My work is inspired by experiences I have had while hiking in the deserts of the American West and northern Mexico. While these desert regions are sparse, they are surprisingly rich in biodiversity. This arid abundance creates beautifully stark wilderness. It is the wild plant forms in these landscapes – the chalky yet silky saguaro rib, the fine fibers that feather and spin off a yucca blade – that inspire this body of prints. These are plants that I touch, taste, admire, and am fascinated with.
I have used the medium of woodcut to capture the essence of these wild forms. This process allows me the flexibility to print large areas of color and also the ability to carve down to the minutest details. Thus, while the scale of the prints is imposing, like the desert itself, the images attempt to capture the subtle unexpected elements to draw the viewer in. Exploration and experimentation with various mark making is at the core of this work. Large and minute, simple and complex –these core desert elements are themes that fuel my creativity


The Magic of the Three-Stick Kite


This workshop will explore artistic and aerodynamic variations of three-stick kites. Scott starts with the American traditional Barn Door kite and finds many variations using three straight sticks. Jose starts with a much more organic shape made simply with two curved sticks and one straight one. The possibilities for original kite design become endless! Workshop fee: $50.00

 To register for the workshop,

contact Stefanie Dykes at

Special offer:  $50.00 Parent accompanied by a child. Two for the price of one.

Linoleum Block Printing starts Saturday, February 21st @ Saltgrass Printmakers

Now would be the time to register for the class!

Create high contrast black and white key images with linoleum block prints using your own personal inspiration. We will cover image transfer options, proper use of tools, simple registration methods, and inking. I will demonstrate how to print either by hand burnishing or using the press.  We will be adding color to your ‘key’ images with separate blocks with flat color and blended rolls. We may even have time to chine colle’ with Japanese papers. I will explain everything! The class will create a small edition of prints to trade with workshop members. You will leave the class being able to print no matter where you find yourself. All materials provided in the special fee.


Pleased to Introduce Roxanne

Roxanne profile       Roxanne Maiden Print

This is Roxanne, Saltgrass Printmakers’ brand spanking new mobile rocking press. Nancy Boskoff generously donated her rocking chair. Van Lewis repurposed the rocker and created our newest press.  Here I am showing off Roxanne’s very first imprint, ‘Dancing Eagle.’  Look for Roxanne at Saltgrass Printmaker’s events and local street fairs.

Andrew Rice ~ No Man Is An Island

melancholia_(2) Smoking_(v1)1000pxhires

Andrew Rice is Saltgrass Printmakers’  featured artist for the next Sugar House Art Walk. Andrew will be exhibiting new works and printing during the opening reception. Demonstration begins a 7:00 pm.

Artist reception: Friday, November 14th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Andrew writes about his work: “John Donne wrote in his enduring poem, No Man Is an Island , that we are all interconnected, part of a larger collective, or as he writes, ‘a piece of the continent.’ We have created spaces and safe havens from the harsh world around us that encourage this reciprocal community. From personal spaces to larger, family and community spaces, it is paramount to our survival both individually and as a larger group. In the 21st century we have now gone digital in the spaces we create. These spaces provide protection, but also isolation, inhibiting access from the world around. My work up until now has used a figure in a spacesuit to illustrate this. The suit is vital for protection and survival, but it also prevents access from the surrounding environment. Our online avatars have become the spacesuits we wear in our daily lives. . . the spaces that we create to inhabit and protect us, and how they likewise trap, confine, control and define us. The astronaut uses this barrier around himself as an essential protectant but it is still a barrier. It is preventing access.”

Print Demonstration starts at 7:00 pm. Andrew has been building these gnarly textural collagraph plates to print during the demonstration.  He’ll be flexing some print ‘muscle’ to pull these emobossed surfaces.

Andrew Rice Collagraph 559


Collagraph Open Group – Fall Sessions

Emma Amos_maniere noire silk collagraph_small

Constructive to Reductive Sculptural Plates

We are going to carve, hammer, grind, glue, varnish and collage inexpensive and readily available materials to create collagraph prints.

Group participants will be using sustainable and re-purposed supplies while exploring the combination of mainstream and alternative mark making tools and techniques. We will examine additive and reductive process in the development of the printing matrix.  Participants will utilize a topographic approach in the creation of their prints that is mirrored by the ability of collagraph matrices to be printed as a relief and intaglio print.

Participants will develop surface textures using non-traditional tools for the inscription of marks upon MDF board, including (but not limited to) carving, hammering, grinding, stamping, sanding burning collaging gluing and varnishing.


  • The Collagraph group will meet once a month on Saturdays:

Fall Session dates: October 18th, November 15th and December 20th.

  • Hours will be 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to start.  If the group gets larger or needs more time to work, then we will discuss adding an additional working sessions.
  • If the group requests any technical demonstrations, demonstrations will start at 11 a.m. and then the rest of the afternoon will be open press time for group participants to work individually.
  • $30.00 per session includes: basic tools, materials, paper and ink. I will be on hand to answer questions and help solve any issues during the open sessions. Participants will be responsible to pay for additional hours beyond the minimum three hours.
  • If you only want to attend the demonstration, cost is $15.00.
  • Participants will provide their own papers, special inks and bring their own drawing tools or brushes.  Paper may be purchased from Saltgrass, but participants should plan ahead and purchase their own papers.
  • Pre-register for the sessions you will be attending by emailing Stefanie at
  • I will send out monthly email announcements so you know what to expect.

Manière Noire – silk collagraph

October 18th 11:00 am to 3:00 You bring your drawing ideas and image resource materials. All your materials will be supplied. $50.00 per person. Reserve your spot by emailing Stefanie at Maximum 8 participants. (Image by Emma Amos)