22 Nov

Saltgrass Printmakers is extremely pleased to offer a color etching class with Master Printmaker Lawrence Hamlin starting Saturday, January 13, 2018h.  Class size will be limited to ten participants. See workshop details below.


Saturday, January 13thh ~ 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Day one will introduce the “how to’s” for making a series of plates for accurate registration, color and image development. We will use Vellum paper templates (soft ground and chalk transfer), as well as registration image offsets on the press for print accuracy. These building blocks are essential for plate development and a means by which creativity is not excluded from the process of image development. Edition printing will follow the next weekend (not necessarily a sequence).

Additionally: material information on etching color(s) and mixing, paper choices and preparation to assure accuracy and consistency. Hand inking demonstration and ready to print/edition preparedness.

Sunday, January 14th ~ 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Production printmaking for multiple originals* and consistency. This workshop is intended to raise the bar on potential quality and consistency issues that come with edition multiple plate color etchings. Major topics will be preparation (paper, ink, and registration), printing, and conservation of final work.  Side information on steel facing for color work and curatorial work for portfolio and gallery presentation will be discussed. You will need to have plate(s) for color work ready to go.

*Mulitple originals is a term used to describe hand-made printed editions, each individual print being made from a matrix of plates, stones or screens and crafted with great consistency such that the intention of the artist remains as exacting in presentation as is humanly possible.


Level: Intermediate (previous etching experience helpful)

Workshop fee: $175.00 includes all the materials needed for the intensive two-day workshop. Participants will bring their own personal etching tools.

Deposit: $50.00 non-refundable deposit required by January 2d, 2018.  To register for the class and pay your deposit, email Stefanie Dykes at

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